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September 11, 2017

Aaaaand we’re back!

Sorry for the disruption. I was suddenly whisked away to Berlin for an impromptu week long trip.

Tough life right?


My sudden packing (and unpacking) got me thinking about my go-to tech for travel.

Obviously, converters and headphones are a must. But because tech has gotten so cool, there are oodles more cool travel gadgets to choose from nowadays.

All around converter

I know it’s bulky but I swear this is the only converter you will ever need. It’s got various sliders for almost any country.

It’s always a good idea to be a litttttle cautious when it comes to changing voltage but this converter should keep your electronics safe and charged.

? Travel hack: keep your laptop on even if you’re not planning on using it on your journey to use as a huge portable charger. It’s going to be in your carry on anyway…. might as well make it useful right? ?

Headphones and earphones

Maybe I’m just a weirdo but I always travel with both. After a while, my headphones hurt or my earphones just aren’t cutting through all the airplane noise. My friend told me to test them through something similar to Graham Slee HiFi, phono preamps. He tells me that pushing their sound quality will help stress test them a bit.

Try switching it up mid-way throught a long haul flight. I promise your life will be changed. Sites like Headphones Lab have a wide selection of noise-cancelling headphones that would be perfect if you’re looking for an extra pair.

Download podcasts ahead of time

This might sound super obvious but if you’re one of those people that usually stream their podcasts, download them.

Even if you’re travelling by bus or train, it’s a good idea to download podcasts in a fast wifi zone before heading off.

Inflatable Neck Pillow

Okay, so maaaaaaybe this is really tech. But come on, an inflatable neck pillow?! Genius.

GoCustomized Portable Charger

I legit might have a crush on this portable charger. GoCustomized is a magical website that lets you customise phone cases and more. It’s awesome because most customisation websites make you order at least 50 pieces at a time but GoCustomized specialises in one-off custom stuff.

I. am. in. love. with. my. charger.

Airline apps

Even if you uninstall them on your way home from the airport, I 10/10 recommend tracking your plane and downloading your boarding pass onto an airline app.

Let’s be real: you’ll be looking at your phone in your last minutes in wifi anyway. Why not have it let you know if your gate change or if you’re delayed (or in other words, have time for a second glass of wine).

There a million other travel hacks out there (packing, not paying a lot, layovers) but I hope some of these techy ones blew your mind.

Or at least gave you some new travel ideas.

That’s always my goal here: to introduce reading to sommmmmething new.

What’s your go to travel tech?

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