Welcome to Gymbags and Jetlags.

G&J is a wellness and travel blog started in June 2015 for anyone with a passion for well, wellness and travel.

On this blog, you’ll find a bunch of topics. Think crazy workout classes and travel diaries with a few lifestyle tips sprinkled on top.

I like to go for a little of everything. If it’s out there, I’ll try it.

The goal is for every reader to find something new to try or even just learn a new fun fact.

G&J readers are the girls who are equally down to wake up at 5am to go watch a sunrise on top of a mountain or to stay out until 5am to watch a sunrise from outside a bar.

They’re openminded to trying new things and love a good matcha latte as much as a well mixed cocktail.

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I’m Pia! I’m currently a full time Business and Art History student in the UK but grew up in NYC and Austria. My life has been a bit of a hodgepodge of countries and cities.

I have an ever-present wanderlust and a constant itch to be doing something. This blog is where get to share the crazy awesome things I try and get to be the ambitious nut person that I am.

Things I love:

※ airports, avocados, getting comments, hoods, thunderstorms, hot showers, bath bombs, running, being sore

Things I dislike:

※ missing connection flights, drizzle rain, funky chemicals in food, muggy summers, fish, being sore

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