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Why I’m Not Realllllllllly a Travel Blogger

February 22, 2016

Not-a-travel blogger

Yes, I love travel.

Yes, I blog about travel.

Yes, my blog title literally has to do with travel.

Yes, I’ve lived in two continents (kinda).

But yet, I don’t feel like I’m really a travel blogger.

I think there are two main reasons for this: I don’t travel all the time and I don’t really think I know anything about anywhere (okay, except maybe NYC… it’s hard not to know somewhere after 18 years).

(But hey, if you wanna call me your favourite travel blogger, no complains from me 😉 ).

Firstly, I don’t think I really know anything about anywhere.

My travel posts will never be called “where to stay” (which to me sounds like travel bloggers are saying “this is the only acceptable accommodation in this whole country/city/town/rural community”). I can only ever talk about where I stayed or where I went. And for all I know (and hope!) there will always be somewhere new and possibly better eat/sleep/shop/loiter.

Also, being a student, I usually end up staying with friends and doing things as cheaply as possible. I prefer reflecting on just my impressions of a city; it’s people, culture and vibes. That’s my all-time favourite thing about travel.


Secondly, I don’t actually travel that much.

I may like to think that I never spend more than a month in one place but that’s only because I count day trips. In my mind, true travel bloggers seem to jet off somewhere new every three weeks! SI’m lucky enough to usually get to take at least three trips a year for one reason or another but they’re almost always for pleasure (although I’d kill for an awesome job that would send me around the world, hint hint future employers).

When I do travel, it’s for fun and generally because I get lucky enough to stay with someone somewhere or happen to have gotten a generous Christmas/birthday gift. Travel is expensssssssive (and I’ll admit that!).

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love sharing where I’ve been and what I’ve gotten to see through this blog.

I’ve had so much fun making a cheatsheet to Berlin, musing about Philly and photographing Rome. I would just never claim to be an expert on these places that I’ve been to once.

So, let’s hope for many more adventures, hidden cafés, rooftop restaurants and crazy stories all around the world. I really am in the mood, especially with my friend just booking one of the melbourne cruise deals; I really want to go travelling again, haha! Thanks for hearing out this mini-rant!

Here’s to the jetlags!

What do you think makes a travel blogger? Do you consider yourself one?