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Sleeping Too Much: Yeah, It’s a Real Thing

I love my sleep. I’ll take a solid 9 hours of beauty rest over most night-time events. Yeah, I’m that person. And while some of you might be gasping and wishing for the ability to hit the sack before 2am, let me tell you:…

September 12, 2015
Blogging Culture

Bloggin’ Tips: What Makes An Awesome Blog

It’s G&J’s second monthiversary! And that means it’s time for another blogging tips post. While I am by no means a blogging expert, blogging has become my favourite hobby. I’ve put so much time and effort into my little corner of the websphere and…

August 1, 2015
Fitness Tips Travel

The Great Puzzle: Working out While Traveling

I could sit here chirping away about finding hotel-room-friendly workouts and running around foreign cities… but I won’t. Although, I’d love to go for a run around the countryside in a place like Thailand. I’d make sure I’ve had my jabs for Thailand beforehand…

July 22, 2015