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FREE (or almost free) Things To Do No Matter Where You Travel

January 11, 2016


The harsh reality of travel is that it’s expensive!

Even with cheap flights being offered by RyanAir or EasyJet, there are still airport transfers, accommodation, transport and food costs. As well as this, although it’s not essential, many people like to rent a car when abroad to get around easily and avoid public transport. This is available from companies like Rental Center Crete; although it adds up in cost, it adds to the satisfaction of your trip. Of course, as every travel blog, I’ve done a “How To Travel on a Budget” post but today we’re just going to talk about some free things to do no matter where you travel.

Most of these just take a bit of planning or research in advance but can really be a ton of fun. Best of all, sometimes roughing it in a city is the best way to get a real feel for it and its personality (you how how I feel about cities’ various vibes).

So assuming you’ve planned your trip (if not, here’s a nifty guide), now it’s time to think about activities! Looking for something free (or practically free?). Read on!



… or beaches! Even if it’s cold, a walk on the beach or through a park can be super nice for some fresh air and sneaky exercise while traveling!

2. Tall Stuff

Most cities with tall buildings will have free viewing decks or rooftop bars where entry is only the cost of a drink! You can get amazing views (just stay away from the edge if you have a fear of heights)!

G&J Insider Tip: The Walkie Talkie Building in London has an indoor park on the top floor (how cool is that?!). Best of all, it’s free (you just have to book in advance).

3. Tour de Cafés

Another one of my favourite things to do when traveling is stop every two hours for a café-break. Indoors or outdoors, cafés can be great for people watching or enjoying national beverages (like viennese coffee… mmmm). Now a days there are also coffee shops with themes; they’ve got everything from cats to bikes.

(Shameless self promo: check out my post on Meow Parlour in NYC)!

4. Window Shop

While not all of us are able to shop at the grand fashion houses of Channel and Dior, that doesn’t mean we can’t play the part right? I’ve always loved meandering the high streets of various towns (like Via Dei Condotti in Rome, sprinkled with all the luxury fashion brands big and small).

5. Pick a Neighbourhood

I also love just getting a little lost in a neighbourhood. Just choose a place and spend a day there! This is how I fell in love with Shoreditch in London (a post on the Cereal Killer Café is in the works!). This’ll cost you just the price of transportation… and gives you a chance to explore the subway system.

6. Get sporty

Right outside of most cities there are a bunch of fun, active things to do.. for free! Do a quick Google search for hiking trails (I recently discovered how awesome hiking is) or see if you can take a day trip somewhere nearby.

G&J Insider Tip: Berlin is FULL of options like this. Check out the cheatsheet I made for you!


Overall, there are always bunch of things to do when traveling that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

So grab a friend and get out there to explore!

What are your travel tips? What’s the most fun free thing you’ve ever done?