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Do I Look Like A Blogger Yet?

November 14, 2017

So there have been some big changes happening in my life recently.

Okay, maybe just one big change.

But it was a two week long process and I learned a lot.

That’s right. I did it….. I went from brunette to blue.?

I’ve wanted to dye my hair forever but went to a school where non-natural colours were definitely frowned upon and just never got around to it at university before. I figured now was my last chance before going back to a normal colour for job interviews and such next semester (how is it my last year of uni already?!). I wanted to look at all the options for hair dye that I could try so checked out I then found a salon that quoted me £450 to go from brown to blue, I decided to go rogue and try to do it at home myself.

I grabbedtwo pals and pulled it all off for £100.

Let me tell you, this was a process.

Four bleaches, three toners, and two blue applications later, here I am as my best mermaid-yself.

Like I said, it was a multi-day process and definitely a learning experiencefor all of us. It all went something like this:

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+ Step One: The First Two Bleaches and Toner

I knew that to get the blue shade I had in mind, my hair would have to be white as a base colour, so I’ll have blonde and blue hair!

The weird thing about bleach is that your roots lighten faster than the rest of your hair because of the heat from your scalp. This meant that after the first two bleaches, I had some nice blond roots but ginger locks.

Iended up ginger for two days to let my hair rest between bleaches.

+ Step Two: Bleaching Phase 2

By this time, my friends had their techniquedown. While trying to avoid the roots, we bleached again and toned.

I have to give a serious shout out to Colour Freedom Bleach (not sponsored, just realeness) for not frying my hair.

+ Step Three: Khaleesi-fied

I ended up bleaching my hair one last time on the day of Halloween (I wasDaenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones) and using a more powerful toner.

Toner negates the yellow tones in hair by adding colour to it. It’s usually purple but washes out to white… although the top of my head was admittedly had a little purple tint on Halloween Eve. #worthit

+ Step Four: Blue Time

After embracing the platinum blond for two days, I got sick of everyone asking when I was going blue. So we whipped up someblue dye with a paselizer to get this current colour.

Since then it’s already faded a bit to a seafoam colour. I’m thinking maybe going a little more grey and blue. Who knows!

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I’ve also learned a few things.

+ oil is coloured hair’s best friend (huuuuugefan of Aussie’s serum, I use it three times a day)

+ not having people recognise you makes you feel like a spy (this is was during the blonde phase)

+ having people recognise you by your hair is kind of fun too though (this is during the blue phase)

+ I’m not as attached to my hair as I thought

+ hair colour actuallydoes change the way people interact with you

I’ve also been having so much fun working with this whole new colour scheme makeup- and clothing-wise too!

Have you ever totally changed your hair? What was the scariest part?

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