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WTF is a Brain Dump Journal

December 28, 2017

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Some days I feel like I have a million ideas in my head and get too overwhelmed to do anything about them.

So I end up scrolling on Instagram or Tumblr until *pop*…

Make that a million and one ideas…

Over the past few years, my brain dump journal has become my go-to.

Okay, so maybe that isn’t the sexiest name.

But my little black Moleskins have been the recipients of my deepest darkest secrets, fun-est doodles and even were the starting point of this blog!

And with a new year just around the corner… what better way is there to plan out all those New Years Resolutions?!

What am even I talking about, you ask? Good question.

A brain dump journal is basically just a little notebook to carry everywhere and fill with literally anything.

I’ve used mine at various points as:

+ a dairy
+ a bullet journal
+ a doodling pad
+ an in-meeting notepad
+ a place to brainstorm, write essay outlines, and so much more

I like flipping to a random page and seeing what I was thinking/planning/stressing about/ at random points in time.

There’s something about its lack of structure that also makes me love it. It’s just about whatever I need it for in the moment (although big, clear headings to make it easy to retrospectively find stuff too).

So what kind of thing is best for a brain dump journal?

I’ve used little black moleskins for the past six years (ever since seeing a guy I had a huge crush on using one and thinking it looked like the coolest thing ever ?). Sometimes I fill one up in six months, sometimes in two years.

But you can use whatever format of journaling works best for you! Some ideas are:

+ a note-taking app
+ a little notebook
+ a File-o-fax (I’ve always loved the idea of these)
+ a box of random napkins or receipts you’ve written stuff on

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your brain dump journal is always somewhere nearby for when inspiration strikes.

It’s also good to try and avoid scribbling things down on other random things so that you can have everything in one place.

Well, I’m off to go make a plan for exam week (but what I really mean is doodle… whoops).

Do you have a brain dump journal? What do you fill it with?


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