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Is It Socially Acceptable to Put Straws in Hot Drinks?

January 12, 2017

Guys. There is something we need to address.

I’ve been super torn on this issue for a long time but I have finally settled on my opinion: putting straws in hot drinks is okay.

Hear me out.

(At this point you’re probably reading this post and wondering if this is a joke post or not. I am 100% serious guys.)

I know this is definitely not popular opinion. Until quite recently, I too thought that putting straws in hot drinks was just silly and defied the purpose of the lid. But after talking to a few weirdos who actually do this, I realised they’re had it right all along.

I think that putting straws in hot drinks is a circumstantial kind of thing.

As soon as I told my boyfriend that I was writing a post about this he very passionately pointed out two arguments against straws in hot drinks.

Firstly, he said that straws just lead to burning your mouth with hot drinks. I’ll concede that it’s not a great idea to stick a straw into a drink you got, like, 40 seconds ago and to start slurpin’ on it right away. But you probably should let your drink cool either way.

So. Straws.

Secondly, he thinks that drinking a hot beverage with a straw is equally terrible as drinking wine with a straw (we both work at a wine store). As he said, “both are socially sacrilegious.” I will agree that drinking wine out of a straw is just flat out wrong.

But I really think there are some times when putting a straw in a hot drink is totally fine!

Vintage Brautkleider


While it may sound silly, putting a straw into your latte or cappuccino or mocha-frappa-espresso is actually great because it:

+ keeps lipstick where it should be (only on your lips and not your cup)

+ helps you get every last drop of your $6 drink

+ protects your teeth (do know how much whitening treatments cost?!… unless you get a DIY kit? )


+ stops some spilling
(Americanos don’t have a nice protective layer of foam to stop it
from jumping all over you in the middle of the street)

In all, I know that straws in hot drinks is pretty controversial. But like I said, I personally think it’s sometimes totally okay!

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