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Jam Sesh: End of Winter Playlist

March 13, 2017

Ahh yes. That warmth in the air. The longer days. The rosé creeping back onto shelves.

All of the signs that spring is coming!

And while I love winter, I did feel that a nod to its departure was needed. You know those tunes that just put in you in a good mood? I just figured I’d put them all in one winter playlist to share with all of you.

You might already know my style from the firstsecond and third jam sesh-s.

This winter I just couldn’t help but rock out to 2012-style dubstep-esque electro music and some almost painfully pop-y songs.

I know.

They just get to me. I literally can help but bop up and down when listening to this winter playlist! Can’t you just imagine rocking out in a snowy chalet, mid-ski-lift or just with a good hot chocolatel?!

So without further ado:

Also, I don’t know how you find your music but I’m super weird about it.

I seem to get music from pretty much anywhere: commercials, friends, store playlists, Youtube suggestions, favourite artists’ collabs. Anywhere.

I’ve been recently letting Youtube DJ my life (I’m just not a Spotify person). I just put on a favourite song of mine and let Youtube take it from there.

How do you find your music??

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