The Art of the Weekend Trip: How To Plan A Weekend Get-Away

September 22, 2015


Even though school seems to have just started, I already am getting a sudden wanderlust. Going to school in Europe is amazing but somewhat frustrating because I feel like I should be traveling all over!

To satisfy this itch to travel, I’ve been planning my next trip to Berlin.

I’ve been once before but am so excited for round 2 and to really get a feel for the artsy, cool scene that I seem to have missed before. Any recommendations on what to see (besides the usual stuff of course)?

Anyway, today I thought I’d make a little guide on how I’ve been planning this trip and how to plan a weekend get-away without any stress (it’s the weekend after all!).

Step One: Pick a point.

Choose if you want to visit a little near-by sea-side town or spin the globe. Either way, the first step is choosing where you’re going to go.

Step Two: Pick a time.

Is this going to be an impromptu weekend escape or something to look forward to next month? Take costs (esp travel costs) into account. You may need to save or give yourself some time to avoid crazy expensive last-minute-booking fees.

Step three: Pick a transport.

How ya gonna get there? Plane, train, bus? Again, you might want to take costs and time into account.

Step four: Pick a bed.

Because you’ll only be away for a few nights, if you’re going to splurge, I’d do it here. This trip should still be a bit of a relaxing weekend! Let’s say you’re thinking of a nice little Midwest road trip to discover the wondrous State Parks and hiking trails. You’ve obviously got to research on Duluth hotels and others on the road that you’ll want to stay in. Think about all the usual options: hotel, hostel or AirBNB, but make sure you read up and confirm any bookings before setting off.

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Step five: Pick some activities.

… Or make the choice to do nothing. Because you have so little time, it’s best to think of things to do ahead of time.

How to plan a weekend get-away is a lot about keeping things low-stress and to avoid feeling rushed. Once you’ve fully planned these parts of your trip, all that’s left to do it pack and jet off!

I think that weekend escapes are the best for getting away from life for a bit and even for hitting reset with you return. I also just love seeing and doing new things; if they’re five minutes or five hours away.

What are your dream weekend trip? Have any funny stories?

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  • Romantiquely September 22, 2015 at 23:02

    You make me want to pack up my bags and go somewhere, anywhere! xxxxx

  • Mili September 23, 2015 at 14:11

    Thanks for the tips 🙂 I hope you have a fun trip to Berlin!


  • Ela BellaWorld September 23, 2015 at 20:00

    Countrysides are perfect for weekend trip, not only relaxing but there are so much to see! Yet again, another great post with great tips 🙂 x