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The Great Puzzle: Working out While Traveling

July 22, 2015

I could sit here chirping away about finding hotel-room-friendly workouts and running around foreign cities… but I won’t. Although, I’d love to go for a run around the countryside in a place like Thailand. I’d make sure I’ve had my jabs for Thailand beforehand though.

To be totally honest: I’ve never done that. There is still plenty of time to do so!

Sure, working out in a hotel room has crossed my mind and going for a sight-filled run in a new city seems like an awesome idea; but I’ve never actually brought myself to do it. So instead of the usual tips that you’ve probably heard a million times (and actually used zero times), here are a few un-generic tips when it comes to working out while traveling.


1. Keep making healthy food choices.
A lot of people think of vacation as a free pass to have pasta for two meals a day and go crazy at the breakfast bar. I have some bad news: allllll that food is coming back home with you. And if you have an allergy, don’t be afraid to look it up in another language and just show the waiter Google Translate. (Pictured above: a very happy me in London).

That being said though, don’t be afraid to try new food! You totally should try a real Italian pizza or a real French crêpe… just maybe rethink having the whole pizza to yourself and a crêpe twice a day for a week. Everything in moderation my dear friends.

You might not realise it but generally, a lot of sightseeing takes place on your feet and walking is often the easier mode of transportation (and it’s free!). I always find myself walking 5x more than usual when traveling. You can even get in some extra steps by deciding to explore a park rather than plopping down for your third Viennese cappuccino of the day (it’s a hard choice; I understand).


3. Find active activities.
Whether it’s canoeing in the Hamptons or Rollerrink-ing in Philly (that’s totally a verb…), I always find myself doing new and active things that are like super fun workouts that you don’t even have to think about. Do a little research; maybe there’s a rock-wall next to your hotel or an awesome bike tour. Also have I mentioned how awesome swimming is?! As long as you’re willing to try something new, I guarantee that you can find something cardio-worthy. For example, if you were to visit Hong Kong, you could check out things to do & see in Hong Kong beforehand and work out if there is anything in particular that satisfies your cardio cravings.
(PS. Never fear the hotel gym (if you’re lucky enough to have one).)

4. Be nice to your body.
As risk of sounding like a broken record: drink your water and get your sleep even if you’re out and about. I try to have a bottle of water every three hours and try to get 8 hours of sleep (yes, even crazy jetlagged sleep). Also let go of any nagging voice. I enjoy trips so much more if I just accept the fact that I probably won’t be going for a run that week.

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All these tips have helped me juggle both traveling and staying on track with a fitness routine. See, working out while traveling doesn’t have to include crazy yoga mat packing or getting lost mid-foreign country run.

What are your tips for staying healthy while traveling?

Also a little programming update: there’ll be a new post every other day (I gots stuff to do!)