Snack Attack

July 10, 2017


“Oh no.”


“Come on, you literally just ate like two hours ago.”


That’s the conversation I have at least twice a day with my stomach when it decide that it wants a snack.

I was going to say that I try to be really good about eating three meals and regular times a day but that’d be a lie. I’m acutally really terrible about keeping a normal eating schedule.

But that’s acutally why snack are really important to me.

Healthy snacks.

So here’s a break down a few of the things I grab when I’m trying to make friends with my grumbling tummy and having a good snack.

Snacking has become quite the industry during this whole health food craze. There are even snack box subscriptions now. There are also a TON of snack bars out there that shout from their packaging how healthy they are when in reality, some literally have more calories and sugar than chocolate bars, so if you’re not sure what’s actually healthy any more you could read this healthy snack guide so you can increase the possibilities of foods you could snack on throughout the day, that will actually be healthy for you.

But all the confusion aside, here are some of my go-to snacks:

+ fruit
Gimme a bowl of berries or mango and I’ll be your best friend. Fruit is such an obviously good snack choice (however there is such a thing as eating too much fruit so don’t go overboard).

+ nuts
Nuts are also a super great and filling snack. They’re a little more savoury and loaded with good fats. But again, moderation is key so stick to a handful.
(I personally stay away from pre-shelled pistachios because otherwise all of a sudden the whole bag and my self restraint just goes away. They’re like crack to me. Anyone else feel me?).

+ veggies
Vegetables are another no-brainer snack. Cut ’em up, throw ’em in a bag and you’re good to go. I find that some are also a lot more filling than fruit.

+ bars
Ah yes, back to the bar debate. Bars, like GoMacro, are so easy to throw in a bag and eat anywhere. Just make sure the ingredients in your bars acutally make sense. For example, every single ingredient on GoMacro bars is in pure understandable words. Cocoa is just about the most complicated word you’ll find from them. You can check out the rest of the bars here.

+ tea/water/coffee
The age old question: are you hungry or thirsty? I always try to down a cup of water before snacking just make sure I’m acutally hungry. Having a hot beverage can also help tie you over to your next meal.

+ nothing
Another age old question: hungry or bored? Do you reaaaaaally need a snack, or do you just want one because you’re bored? I’m all for having that cookie just because you want it but maybe not if you want just because it’s there or if you’ve already had the rest of the plate. Sometimes the best snack really is no snack.

When I’m at school, I make it a point to only have bananas or nuts in the house so that when a snack attack strikes, I can’t possibly do that much damage. (My mom, on the hand, likes to keep crackers and cheeses and chocolates everywhere…. it’s like she’s taunting me).

My number one tip for healthy snacks is just to keep them in the house. And keep the bad stuff out.

Ultimately, it is no secret that we should all be reducing our sugar intake if we want to live more healthy lives, and therefore finding nutritious snacking alternatives to sweet treats is vital.

This is especially true when it comes to caring for our teeth. Eating an excessive quantity of sugary treats can cause a lot of issues with your oral health including tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Alongside finding healthy, reduced sugar alternatives, if you want to care for your oral health, it is also fundamental that you see a Dentist in West New York or a dentist in your area for a checkup every six months.

Snacking is definitely an art that I have yet to totally master.

But I’m trying.

What are your go to snacks? Are you a snacker?

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