July 6, 2015

While I’ve been taking a long weekend here in Philly, it seems the entirety of the blogosphere also took the weekend off. (And I know I said there wouldn’t be a pulse on here until Tuesday, but I missed you).

Here’s a little post of some articles that have been making me laugh from around the web. Aaaaaaaand because this is a semi-travel blog, here is a picture of me laughing in London because why not:


1. 26 Most American Comebacks In The History of the World
My favourite fourth of July post. Even though my newsfeed was sprinkled with some of my UK friends hating on us “ungrateful colonials,” this post made even them chuckle.

2. 30 Signs You Follow Too Many Fashion Bloggers on Instagram
This is just so well written (yes, even listicles can be well written) and almost anyone who spends time on Instagram will identify with these. (PS. When you’re done giggling, check G&J out on Instagram too).

3. The fact that you can help crowd-fund Greece
Welcome to the 21st century where struggling governments can get help from friendly people in Yorkshire. I just can’t help but both laugh and cry about this.

4. A Review of Getting Drunk at a Sesame Street Gala with Cookie Monster
Vice News always does it right. They can do serious and they can definitely do funny. This article is easy to read and funnnnny. They really cracked down on Cookie Monster’s stance on NY vs Chicago pizza too.


How was your 4th of July?! Any funny stories?

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  • Romantiquely July 6, 2015 at 05:58

    “So. Many. Bowls. Of. Berries.” HAHA I can’t stop laughing at that post! I honestly think I DO follow way too many fashion bloggers on Instagram now haha.. This post is awesome! xxxxxx

    • Pia S July 6, 2015 at 10:27

      How funny is that post?! I just had to share haha. Thank you for always reading <3 <3 <3

  • SneakersandStilettos July 8, 2015 at 21:59

    Loved that fashion bloggers post too! Is it bad I found it incredibly accurate…?