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Bad Fruits

July 9, 2015

Yes, you read that correctly. Turns out fruit can actually be bad for you…

Lol jk. But in all honesty, a lot of dieticians admit that not all fruit was created equal when it comes to trying to lose weight. Different fruits are good for different things; it’s all about their unique vitamins and minerals. When I was first starting to research for this post, I didn’t believe that some fruits could possibly be thaaaat much worse than others; but I’ve been converted.

Harley Pasternak, who trained Halle Berry and Robert Patterson, recommends always trying to eat fruit that has either edible skin, edible seeds or is citrus (for example pineapple is none of these things, strawberries are).

Most of the fruits on the naughty list are there because of their high sugar content; but please keep in mind that we’re talking about fruit sugar. So while yes, eating 20 mangos a day won’t slim your waist, eating one a day will still give you plenty of vitamins without an adverse effect on your dieting. Here’s a basic breakdown of what fruits mighttttt not be the best go-to snack 24/7:

+ Bananas
I know, my heart broke when I did my research on this. Banana’s are not only high in sugar (which leads to a crash) but are also empty carbs without much fibre (which is what keeps you full).

+ Grapes
*heart shatters* But what about wine and antioxidants?! While grapes overall are an awesome fruit, when it comes to weight loss, the fact that they’re the fruit with the highest sugar puts them on the naughty list.

Well, I guess this is good for you, Spongebob. Pineapples also have the highest sugar content and are pretty acidic (which is never good). Lastly, they also have bromelain; which breaks down proteins. This can hinder muscle growth and recovery.

+ Mangos
My personal favourite turns out also to be on the high-sugar-content list. And some people claim that something about pH levels messes with their skin. I personally think that one mango every couple of days should be totally fine.

+ Fruit Juice
This is on allllll the lists of what not to eat when trying to slim down because unless you press it yourself, chances are there are a tonnnnnn of added sugars.


All this being said, I want to stress again that fruit is awesome! Just some “bad” fruits have higher sugar contents which can be detrimental to weight loss. For example, eating a banana before sports is actually a really good idea because of both the high sugar content and potassium which greatly helps muscle function and recovery. Keeping on top of your sugars is an important thing with weight loss, as sugars can be in near enough everything that people eat. Because of factors such as this, people may think about getting meals/foods delivered straight to their door to help them monitor what they are consuming, looking at alternative delivery services will help people decide just what they want and how they want it, such as green chef vs home chef, they will weigh up the pros and cons of each and see where they want to go.

So what do you think; are all fruits created equal?

Also, I was thinking of doing more nutrition posts (like about what fibre really is, etc). Thoughts??


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  • Romantiquely July 9, 2015 at 11:03

    This was a really interesting read! However I feel like because the sugars in fruits are natural they aren’t as terrible as processed sugars. But at the same time I feel like the phrase “everything in moderation” is key so you make a valid point! xxxxx

    • Pia S July 10, 2015 at 09:04

      Totally agree. Fruit is still fruit when it comes down to it. Thanks for reading as always <3

  • Mimie Niiouh July 9, 2015 at 12:01

    I didn’t know this O_O
    I love banana and mango ToT

    Thank you for visiting my blog 🙂
    Now I follow your and I follow you on instagram and facebook 😉
    I hope you will follow me back 😀

    • Pia S July 10, 2015 at 09:03

      Thank you so much Mimie! I’m checking out your blog now 😀

  • Sarah July 9, 2015 at 12:34

    I had not heard of this. I should probably eat less bananas as they are my favourite fruit! Although fruit is always better then chocolate and candy!

    Sarah |

    • Pia S July 10, 2015 at 09:02

      Right?! I was a little stunned to find out but honestly, if bananas are your favourite, keep eating them! At the end of the day it’s all fruit anyway. xx

  • Gemma July 9, 2015 at 17:25

    Even though fruits are high in sugar, I still eat tons of them. I find that they’re a good way to stop cravings for candy and are a healthier alternative.
    Sadly, my favorite fruits (pineapple and grapes) are listed here, but since I’m not trying to lose weight, I don’t really care lol. They give me a nice boost in energy, and are a great way to transition away from soda and candy!

    Gemma |

    • Pia S July 10, 2015 at 09:02

      Yeah, fruit’s are definitely always going to be my go-to! Thanks for commenting 🙂

  • Shannyn July 9, 2015 at 20:55

    I love the “what about wine?” on the grapes section, ha! While it’s true some fruits aren’t great because of their sugar content, at least they’re the lesser of two evils if you’re thinking about eating junk food instead.

    • Pia S July 10, 2015 at 09:01

      Oh I totally agree. Fruit will always be my go to. Thanks for reading Shannyn!

  • Lesia Joukova July 12, 2015 at 06:30

    Still plenty of fruit to nibble on. I suppose, apples rule the world for a reason. As people say, if you don’t want an apple, you’re not really hungry…

  • Katya Bychkova | StyleSprinter July 12, 2015 at 23:07

    I can’t agree with Harley at all! There are so many ‘health advisors’ these days that change their mind every day about what is good and what is bad. I am 100% sure that any sort of fruit is good for you! Those experts would better suggest people to stop eating cereal & ketchup and processed food than blaming fruits!

  • Kat Horrocks July 13, 2015 at 06:48

    When anyone says anything bad about fruit I tend to run screaming ‘la la la!’ with my fingers plugging my ears LOL! Fruits are so complex I don’t think one can be labelled ‘bad’ or ‘good’, like many natural foods they are nutrient dense and must be eaten with balance and moderation.

    Kat |