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September 24, 2015


I’m sure you’ve seen Fall Wardrobe Wish Lists galore. And I’m sure they all made you drool but I think one can only see so many earthy-toned-huge-knit sweaters (don’t get me wrong though; I’m right there drooling with you!).

SO instead, here’s my travel wish list. I think all these things would make traveling so much easier; whether it’s via car, plane, train or bus.

Portable Charger (Halo Pocket Power)
Few things are worse that having low battery while traveling.
And how cute is this charger?!

+ Moleskin City Notebook

I FREAKED out when I found out these existed.
They’re basically DIY travel guides and planners.

+ Travel Perfume Atomizer

Not going to lie: I have a little identity crisis without my perfume.
With this, I could bring my scent with me; without worrying about the glass bottle.

+ Canon EOS Rebel DSLR

I’ve wanted a new camera forrrrrrever.
Travel blog posts would never be the same…

+ Monogrammed Blanket Poncho

Yes, this is Burberry. Yes, this is a wish list after all.
Planes and buses are always cold and this is basically a wearable blanket.

+ Socket Extension

I know this sounds funny but think about how everyone wants to charge everything everywhere.
I was once at an airport in Germany and a guy had brought one of these. He was everyone’s best friend.


That’s about all I’ve got on my list for now! I’m getting ready for a trip in October and am already thinking about packing. Hopefully a few of these will fall into my possession pre-trip!

What are your travel go-to’s? What can’t you travel without?

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