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January 15, 2018

As it’s still the start of year (kinda), let’s chat about getting shi*t done.

Gym resolution?

Revamping your diet?

Being a happier human?

Staying on top of emails?

All of those are worthy goals.

But you know how it is: works gets in the way. Or drinks with a friend. Or getting in more sleep instead.


My favourite quote that I’d recent discover is:

But this post isn’t about how to say no and prioritise. (But if you want a post on that, let me know!)

This post is about procrastivity.

Okay, so it’s a word I made up but it’s seriously my secret to staying on top of the craziness.

Pronounced pro-crast-tivity, it’s a blend of the words procrastinate and productivity (very original, I know).

Think about all those moments you spend on Instagram while waiting for the train or on Facebook while waiting for coffee. They probably add up to a lot (and many miles scrolled).

People blame not doing stuff on not having enough time.  And to that, I say bullshit.

One day I thought, what if I just answer this email instead?

And boom, procrastivity was born.

You can even procrastinate doing, for example, a presentation by setting the next project’s meeting. Sure, you’re not technically working on what you’re meant to, but you’re still being productive!

Other quick little procrastivity-approved activities are:

+ calling your parents
+ organising a meeting
+ checking on a deadline
+ writing an email
+ saving an application link to fill out later
+ making a to-do or grocery list
+ find your workout for the gym later

…Basically, anything that can take between 30 seconds to five minutes that will spare you time in the future.