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News Flash ⚡ Barre3 B3 Anywhere Summer Challenge

July 8, 2017


*0% sponsored, 100% realness*

Thank god for the weekend, amiright?

It’ll 11am and I’m still in bed and have no regrets about it.

What else are weekends for?!

So I just quickly wanted to share a cool thing that I came across last week.

It’s the Barre3 B3 Anywhere 28 Day Summer Challenge (phew, wordy title right?) that starts on Monday.

I’m super excited about this (not only because I love free programmes… oh yeah, did I mention it’s free?!) because I’ve never done any barre type classes. I think I’m like one of the only girls in the world who never even took ballet at a little kid.

The programme also includes a full meal plan of meals that even I can make. The summer gazpacho looks a littttle intricate but I think I can manage.

The whole fitness part of the challenge is centred around just getting moving. Whether its through fun summer activities like swimming or paddle-boarding (my new favourite activity, post on that coming soon) or Barre3’s live workouts.

And of course, there’s a whole community to join if you do by using the #B3Anywhere and following @barre3 for the prizes and giveaways.

Sounds awesome right?

Here’s the link to sign up by Monday and let me know if you join the challenge in the comments!

Be sure to also follow me on Instagram to see my cooking fails efforts and me trying to perfect my arabesque.

Happy weekend!