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Bus Travel 101: The Wheels on the Bus…..

July 3, 2015

Woo, I made it to Philly!

I also learned that I’m practically incapable of getting off at the right bus stop. Oh well, you learn something new everyday.


And while bussing is generally the most frowned upon mode of transportation, I’ve found that for short distances, it’s totally fine. I took Megabus (one of the cheapest bus services) to Philly and it was really civilised and organised. Were I heading to a different part of the country i’d look for a NYC bus charter, or one local to the area, and see what the prices are like. Because I got there early (like 20-minutes-early; I’m one of those people), I even got a seat on the second level of the bus to myself.

Bus travel gets a bad rep for being the worse but it really does have it’s redeeming qualities.(<- spoken as a true reformed woman; I used to loathe the idea of bus travel). Some advantages of bus travel are:

+ It’s Cheap
You can literally go from NYC to DC round trip for just $5. Perfect for students who have the rest of their lives to pay for fancy travel.
+Widely accessible.
Megabus has service in the US, the UK and some of continental Europe. Not bad right?

You book it online and just show up with a confirmation code. No airport security or complicated transfers.

Disadvantages: it’s a bus. Jk. But in all honesty the only downside is just that bus travel generally takes a bit more time (speed limits on a highway ? speed limits in the air). But honestly, if you’re not pressed for time, bussing is well worth it.

There are also a few tips that I picked up on this most recent excursion:
+ Bring a jacket/blanket (that AC is blasting)
+ Water makes everything better (always hydrating)
+ Know where to get on/off (and actually get there early)

What are your thoughts on bus travel? Are you a car, train or plane person?

PS. I’m taking a long weekend. See you guys on Tuesday! xx

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