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Fit Tips: Healthy Halloween Edition

October 29, 2015


The holiday of dressing up and candy is finally here!!

Halloween is by far my favvvvourite holiday.

There’s nothing you have to buy people, no one you have to see, nothing you have to eat. If you wanna party all night, that’s totally fine. If you wanna stay in and and watch scary movies, that’s totally fine too. Halloween is just all-around amazing.

I know the words healthy and halloween don’t often go together. Words that do go together: halloween, candy, and partying.

So today’s blog post is about how to have a scary awesome halloween without waking up scared on November 1st because of bad health choices.

So without further ado, here’s Gymbags and Jetlags’ pro guide to a healthy halloween!


All these tips are suuuuuuper easy too. Here’s the breakdown:

1. Keep it active!
Fall can be the most awesome time of year for tons of secretly active fun; from apple picking to fallen-leaf-pile-jumping. Halloween night doesn’t have to be any different! Go trick or treating or party hopping; you’ll get tons of active points for all the walking or dancing the night away!

2. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: hydrate.
No matter what you’re dressed as, water is the base of all life (yes, that even means you ghosts). If you stay hydrated, your body will thank you.

3. Re Candy…. Can-do and Can-don’t
Halloween is one of those times when free candy and food and dresses seems to be thrown at you left and right. I find that sometimes reminding myself that just because it’s there doesn’t mean I really want it. Also, keep an eye out for healthy candy (yes, not all candy was created equal). Popcorn, nuts and dark chocolate can be so much better than a packet or five of Skittles.

4. Re: Candy…. Take It Slow
Another way to avoid stuffing your face (and costumed-body) full of candy is by taking it slow. Eat what you want be try to savour it; take tiny bits and eat slowly. I promise you’ll feel fuller faster (or realise that some candy just isn’t actually that great)…

All this being said, I want to stress that you should also let yourself have fun!!! I genuinely believe calorie restricting and sugar avoiding just isn’t worth the stress if it means you’re missing out on life. It’s allllllll ways about balance.

What are your healthy halloween tips? What are you being for halloween??



* Spider web image from here!