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Newness: Post Pops

July 14, 2017

Newness alert!

I’m excited.

Are you excited?!

I finally got my life together and started/revived/awesome-nised my email subscriber list.

If you want to keep up with new posts (and are willing to put up with my dad humour), you can now subscribe to post pops.


Because no one really wants a whole email just for one post notification, post pops also include a few links to cool articles, deals and sometimes even freebies!

Here’s an example of the latest post pop.

Happy Wednesday! We’ve made it to hump day…

Had you told me that I’d be spending 45 minutes upside down last weekend, I
wouldn’t have believed you (and would have had a lot of other questions)….


And while I was typing that, I was also reading:

Send tips on being upside down, millennial stereotypes and marketing hacks to [email protected] or comment on my post!




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