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Can We Talk About Why Hiking Is Awesome For A Second?

August 5, 2015

Seriously, hiking is the bomb.


Until recently, when I thought of hiking I thought only of heavy boots and questionable large men with big backpacks (probably because of Pokemon)…. But after having been hiking a bit this year, I’ve come to realise why hiking is awesome. Hiking is great for a bunch of reasons (some health related, some not):

+ almost everyone can do it! (if you can walk, you can hike)
+ burns calories, increases energy and all the other benefits of aerobic activity
+ nature is pretty (and vitamin D!)
+ improves balance
+ boosts mood

Not bad right? The hardest part of hiking is probably finding trails. Living in NYC I thought I’d have to put hiking on hold for a bit but a quick Google search later… turns out there are a bunch of trails not even an hour away.

My favourite part of hiking is the nature (I sound like a hippie I know) but when else do you find yourself in a forest surrounded by nothing be trees and prettiness? While I get this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, I’d definitely recommend trying it at least once! (Even if you have to go in non-professional hiking footwear (ie sneakers) like me). If you do go hiking, you would be better off if you make sure that you bring some suitable kit and equipment. For example, many people buy bug out bags or survival watches for preppers when going hiking instead of using items that they would normally use in day to day life.

Are you a hiking fan? What’s the best thing you’ve seen on a trail? Have you got any suggestions on what other equipment I could need as I get more into hiking? Are you thinking we could get some data meters to make the hike more interesting? I have found a really good backpack thanks to this review I’d seen online one day: but other than that, I don’t know what else to get.