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Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (AKA new dream BFF)

July 21, 2017

Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t stop thinking/talking about for weeks?

Like every little thing reminds you of it?

Or all of a sudden you see the world in a different way?

This book is 15000% that.

It’s only been five days since I finished it but Growth Hacker Marketing has made it’s way into almost every. single. one. of my conversations since.

I’ve always wondered what growth hacking is and how it works and this book has explained everything to me fantastically. Now I know How to become a successful Growth Hacker via SEO as well as via other channels too!

I’ve been yelling about this book to my friends, mom,coworkers, family friends, randos on buses (literally)….

This. Book. Is. The. ?.


What is the deal with this magical book, you ask?

? ? ?

Growth Hacker Marketing by Ryan Holiday (who I want to be my best friend) talks about the new frontier of marketing.

AKA How all traditional marketing methods are dead.

(Okay, maybe not quite thaaat dramatically).

RyRy- can I call you RyRy?- used to be the VP of Marketing for American Apparel.

Then he realised that start-ups were changing the name of the marketing game, with options like the local marketing vault review 2020 popping up all the time.

And fast. And cheaply. (But awesomely too).

If you couldn’t care less about marketing/branding/the future of everything, you can stop reading here.

But if you want to be a marketing boss for your blog/brand/yourself, read on.

Ryan mainly talks about how marketing isn’t about just pushing any ol’ product down consumers throats anymore.

It has gotten waaaaaay smarter. (So have consumers). Having a look at the marketing statistics on Salesforce will show you that. If you’re interested in using video for marketing, or social media platforms there is also another page called that can offer plenty of information on how to get your business out there.

He breaks it all down into four parts:

1. What the hell product market fit is (<- suuuuuper important)

2. What the hell a growth hack is

3. What the hell going viral really means

4. Aaaand how to keep all those things going

I’m not going to reveal alllll his secrets and go into a lot of detail but I will say that this book is phenomenal.

? ? ?

If you brain gets half shut down by the idea of a marketing book, fear not.

I’ve been there.

Before this book, I’ve never been able to read a non-fiction book. I usually just get really bored and feel like I’m being lectured at page after page. Ya feel?

But Ryan Holiday is a genius and his super-readable writing just feels chatty.

Painless learning? Yes please.


(in case you really needed more reasons to get this book)

It’s a short read but chock full of cool extra resources and further reading suggestions. I know the words “cool” and “further reading” have probably never been used in a sentence together before but the extra links give such an interesting overview of the impending-big-marketing-industry-problem situation.

Ryan even provides his email address to get all the articles he references in the book.

Oh, and it’s only $9. $9.

Read it, let it change your life, and come back to chat to me about it. Kay?

What life-changing books have you read recently? What are your thoughts on the future of marketing?

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