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Blogging Tips: Figure Out What Gets You Going… (wink)

February 1, 2016


You know the feeling.

You open a new post. Oh it’s so new and shiny and bright. You turn down your computer’s brightness a little and stare at this webpage patiently waiting for your thoughts.

No, this isn’t a post on getting over a blogging block.

But yes, since it’s the first post of the month (of the second month of 2016 already?!) let’s chat about some blogging tips.

Today let’s pow-wow about finding your blogging inspiration. Blogspiration if you will.

Blogging inspiration doesn’t necessarily have to be the reason you blog. It can just be your favourite thing about blogging. Or something that makes you beeline to your computer to write a post. Either way, I think it’s important to have that blogging inspiration for when you’re feeling a little stuck or even just unsure if a post is worthy.

Writing a blog post is great no matter what the topic. It’s so easy to get your blog sorted out now. When blogging first became a thing it was so much harder, but now times have changed and you can easily sort your blog out using something like web hosting. What’s not to love about that?



Still have no idea what I’m talking about?

Blogging inspiration is admittedly a bit of a vague idea and a weird thing to do a whole post about. But here: for example, my most potent blogging inspiration is having a bunch of kick-ass new pictures to write a post about.

Your blogging inspiration might turn out to be:

+ a new product/place you can’t wait to share
+ an idea you just can’t keep to yourself
+ watching your readers comment and love your posts
+ getting to read over your own posts
+ having brand new pictures to publish (this is kinda me)
+ learning something new and passing on your newfound knowledge
(did you know you breathe out fat?!)

Whatever it is that gets you going, the quicker you find it, the quicker you can tap into that pure blogging inspiration (and churn out posts you can be proud of!). If you really are stuck, then why not take a look at other blogger blogs which might help get your brain into gear.

So what’s your blogging inspiration? What really gets you posting?


(Also, how awesome are those stockphotos from Wonderlass?!)