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The Harsh Reality to Making Your Blog Interesting

March 2, 2017

As always, since its the first week of the month, here’s another blogging tip!

It seems that everyone thinks they can blog.

About anything.

While this isn’t totally untrue, it’s also not totally true.

Some of my best (and most interesting!) friends have tried blogging and just didn’t quite get it. I’ve also seen blogs about subject that sound really cool but once put into writing, it just loses a lot.

I think it’s important to understand one thing about blogging: it’s not about you.

So. You might be asking, “but isn’t every blog somewhat about the blogger?”

Yes, you’re right.

But there’s a difference between sharing a laundry list of what you did this weekend and sharing experiences that your readers can learn something from. Not many people want to know details about a total stranger’s life. Unless you’re a Kardashian.

The best blogging advice I ever got was that each of your posts should add something to your reader’s life.

There are so many different topics and ways to do this.

+ product review

I don’t know about you, but I always read at least one beauty blogger review before buying drugstore make-up. I know next to nothing about make-up so knowing that at least a -semi-professional condones my purchase makes me feel a little better. And see? They’ve just contributed to my life.

+ explaining something

One of the reasons I think blogs are cool is because they sometimes simply let you slow down and think about things. I follow Bayern Central for all my favourite football news. Blog let you delve deeper into subjects while still feeling like you’re just chatting a friend.

+ imparting knowledge

I’ve done posts on what sunglasses are actually good for to why you even need to drink water. Not only do readers learn something new (I hope), but I also get to learn while researching posts. It’s like a win-win!

+ sharing special experiences

(Looking at all you travel bloggers). While it may not be that thrilling to read about someone’s Saturday night dinner, it is pretty cool to read about someone’s trip across the world. I also love reading guides to cities by people who have definitely actually been to the places they’re talking about.

All of the bloggers that I look up to most always have interesting and diverse content.

Being a blogger can be hard because you have to find a sweet spot being finding your niche and feeling too limited.

My advice for finding that sweet spot would be just to try out different posts and most importantly, only blog about things that interest you!

I think the absolute worst kind of posts are ones that you can tell were done in a rush just because someone felt like they had to stick to a blogging schedule.

What do you think all this? What’s most important to you for a blog post?


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