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6 Running Apps for Literally Anyone

April 28, 2016


Today’s post is from Simply Feet. They’re a cool online sneaker retailer. But best of all, they know their sh*t when it comes to running apps:

Running is an easy and free way to maintain fitness. While it is simple to keep track of your distance and speed on a treadmill in the gym, it can be harder to know exactly what you are achieving out in the real world. My friend was worried about ruining her running shoes if it was raining outside, however she told me she got some Vessi waterproof shoes and they worked amazingly. Don’t let small things like the weather put you off and get started!

Luckily, there are lots of running apps that can do this for you, from basic apps that let you know how fast you are going and the distance you have covered in your sport shoes to those with a gaming angle to keep you interested and motivated. Wearing the best footwear or sports insoles will also keep you motivated when running which will make you want to maintain your fitness even more!

The prices for these running apps range from free to a few pounds; however, there are so many to choose from that it can be difficult to know where to start. Apps have become such a huge part of technology and there are so many interesting statistics to show how much apps have grown and what trends are out there nowadays. So here is a roundup of some of the best apps:

For beginners : 5K Runner

If you are a beginner looking to get yourself to that magical 5,000 metres, this is the app for you. This free app, which is available on both iPhone and Android, has a plan to get you from unfit to fit in eight weeks.

Beginning with short bursts of running interspersed with walking and building up to achieving the full 5k, a built-in audio coach guides you through your runs, tracking pace, distance and heart beat and spurring you on with inspirational quotes and badges. This is great if you are new to running or if you have not run for a while.

For pros : Runkeeper

Available on iPhone and Android, there is a free version; however, it is worth paying for the extras to get the best out of this app. This one is a favorite among professional runners for its accuracy in tracking distance and pace. With real-time audio updates on your pace, mileage and calorie count, the ability to set personal goals and track your progress against them and training programs developed by professional coaches, there is a lot on offer here.

You can use it alongside iTunes and Spotify and it will even match your music to your pace. In addition, you can use it in conjunction with other fitness devices such as the Fitbit and Pebble. This is great if you are serious about your running and want an app that is easy to use; however, the downside is that it can get a bit expensive. You could always look at how much products are online, considering sites like Mobile Mob has the best Fitbit charge2 accessories. You may find that you won’t have to spend as much money as you initially thought.


For fun : Zombies, Run!

Do you need to literally feel that someone is chasing you to make you run? Do you love The Walking Dead? If so, this app is for you.

As the main character in the story, you go through a series of missions to save people, collect supplies, etc. All the while the zombies are after you. With impressive voice actors and sound effects, this app is great at what it does and will keep you interested and motivated. It is available free on iPhone and Android, but you will need to pay to unlock more missions.

If you like to share: MapMyRun

MapMyRun, which has a community of more than 30 million members worldwide, lets you track your route, pace, distance and calories. It can even tell you when it is time to get new sport shoes! The best bit, however, is that you can connect with millions of users by taking up challenges and sharing your runs with friends.

You can also track your other activities, such as walking, cycling and gym workouts. It is available for free on iPhone and Android; however, you have to pay for many of the handy features.

For ease of use: Endomondo

In terms of usability, it does not get much better than Endomondo – an easy way to track and maintain an account of all your fitness activities. Whether you want to get to 5k or train for a marathon, simply set a distance, time or calorie goal and the app’s in-audio coach will act as a personal trainer and talk you through it.

This app is also great in terms of socially connecting, with the ability to share workouts on social media and track yourself against friend’s achievements or receive real-time pep talks from them. As with Runkeeper, you can pair it up with devices such as the Fitbit and Pebble. It is available free on iPhone and Android, with optional in-app purchases to enhance the experience.

For a good all-rounder : Nike+

Several of the running shoe brands have running apps; however, the best one comes from Nike. It is really well designed and despite having loads of features, it is also really easy to use. It offers real-time audio feedback, coaching advice and tracks every detail of your run.

This app is great whether you are just starting out or a seasoned professional, and is repeatedly rated one of the best running apps out there. It is all free on iPhone or Android. All you need now is your sport shoes to help you get active this summer!

What are your go-to apps?

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